Human Resources

Our Mission

The Human Resources Department is a cohesive, collaborative team of professionals dedicated to creating partnerships by supporting all programs and departments. We strive to support, guide and maintain requirements to create a healthy and positive work environment in order to assist staff in accomplishing individual program goals as well as overall organizational goals. Because we care about our employees, we stand for integrity, efficiency, problem solving, equity and character in all of our relationships and interactions. We do this to promote growth, accountability and empowerment in our representation of our city government.

We will provide effective Human Resource Management by developing and implementing policies, programs and services which contribute to the attainment of City and employee goals by:

  • Properly balancing the needs of the employees and the needs of city government.
  • Ensuring a diverse workforce in a safe and discrimination/harassment-free environment by: maintaining compliance with employment laws and government regulations; providing management and employee training; and developing policies and procedures.
  • Providing training and development in areas of effective leadership and career development of employees; employment law and government regulation, and litigation avoidance.
  • Hiring the most qualified employees by pre-planning staffing needs; ensuring an effective internal interview process; increasing city visibility in the employment marketplace; identifying the best and most cost-effective recruitment sources, and conducting thorough reference checks.
  • Retaining our valued employees by assuring effective leadership qualities in our managers; providing competitive wages and benefits; furnishing technical, interpersonal and career development training and coaching; conducting exit interviews and supplying relevant feedback to management; enhancing two-way communication between employees and management; and providing services which promote a work environment that is characterized by fair treatment of staff, open communications, personal accountability, trust and mutual respect.

Equal Opportunity Employer

The City of Northport is an equal opportunity employer.

Thank you for your interest in a great place to live and work!