Standard of Conduct

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Employees of the City of Northport are responsible for providing services necessary for the safety and welfare of Northport citizens. All employees are expected to represent the City in a responsible and productive manner. The City has established these Standards of Conduct to promote effectiveness and efficiency in the conduct of City business. In addition to the Standards, individual departments may establish specific rules and procedures necessary for the operation of that department. Any departmental policy or procedure that conflicts with these Standards of Conduct requires the approval of the City Administrator, prior to implementation. 

Nothing in the Standards of Conduct will preclude the termination, demotion, or transfer of any employee for other reasons addressed by City policies or as a result of the reorganization, restructuring, reduction in force, reductions in funding, alleviation or elimination of programs, changes in job requirements, changes in the job description, changes in work methods or any other activity relating to the management of the City of Northport. The City is an at-will employer. Nothing in the Standards of Conduct constitutes an employment contract.

Standard of Conduct Articles

The following are general Standards of Conduct for all City Employees:

Article I: Work Performance

Employees shall perform all work expected of the position and obey the directives of their supervisors. An employee shall not obey an order to perform illegal activities.

Article II: Safety

The City and certain departments have established safety rules, regulations, and procedures. Employees are required to know and observe all such rules, regulations, and procedures. Employees are also required to observe all traffic laws.

The City requires that employees immediately report to their supervisor any situation or condition, such as the loss or revocation of a driver's license or any other job-related condition, or any other situation or condition which would impair an employee's ability to perform their job function or which may adversely affect or endanger others. The City also requires employees to immediately notify their supervisor of any on-the-job injury or accident.

Article III: Working Relationships & Public Relations

The following conduct is disruptive and adversely affects employee relationships and public relations and will not be tolerated:

  1. Sexual Harassment: Unwelcome and unreciprocated sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and verbal, visual, written, or physical conduct of a sexual nature.
  2. Racial Harassment:: Remarks, slurs, jokes
  3. Workplace Violence: Rudeness, fighting, intimidation, threats, and/or actions that threaten an employee's personal safety
  4. Any actions which adversely affect employee relations, public relations, the work of the employee, or the work of others.

Article IV: Honesty

Honesty and truthfulness are required in all aspects of employee conduct. Falsification, alteration, misrepresentation, and inappropriate use of information are prohibited. This includes but is not limited to, falsification of attendance records and falsification or misrepresentation of the need for sick leave.

Article V: Conflict of Interest

Employees shall conduct City business with the highest standards of integrity and shall not officially enter into any contract, transaction, or other matter in which the employee may have a personal interest, either individually or through a family member, or in violation of Federal, State, and Local Government Ethics Laws. Employees shall not solicit nor accept nor receive any personal payment, gift, favor, service, or gratuity for the performance of their official duties. This should not be construed to prohibit acceptance of a token or memento of a particular occasion, that has little monetary value (as defined by the Alabama State Ethics Commission).

Article VI: Firearms, Alcohol, & Drugs

Except for Police Officers, the possession or use of firearms or other weapons while on the job, or on City property is prohibited, unless such firearm or weapon is authorized by law and approved in writing by the City Administrator.

Unauthorized manufacture, distribution, possession, or use of alcohol, drugs, or any illegal or intoxicating substance while on the job, and on City property is prohibited. Being under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or their intoxicants while on the job is prohibited.

Article VII: Responsibility for City Time Facilities & Equipment

Employees shall devote full attention to performing their official duties while on the job. City facilities, equipment, materials, and information are to be used only for work-related purposes unless there is prior approval from the department head or designated representative. Employees are required to observe established procedures in the care, operation, and maintenance of equipment and work areas.

Article VIII: Responsibility for the Interests of the City

Employees may speak or write on matters of public interest and are encouraged to present their views to City management.

Article IX: Dress Code

All employees are expected to present themselves in an appropriate manner for the work to be performed and to present a professional and positive image to the public. Individual departments may establish regulations for wearing uniforms and dress codes as necessary to departmental operations with the authorization of the City Administrator.

Article X: Observation of City & Departmental Policies & Procedures

All employees shall comply with City and departmental policies and procedures related to work performance, operating methods and procedures, notifications, applications, information processing, and job performance.

Article XI: Outside Activities

The City does not prescribe employee conduct off the job. However, any conduct on or off the job which affects the employee's credibility, effectiveness, performance, or ability to fully carry out the responsibilities of City employment or of the position held and any conduct which is prejudicial to the interests, reputation or operations of the City of Northport are subject to disciplinary action.

Article XII: Attendance

  1. The City requires employees to report to work at the specified time and to work the full assigned work period unless the absence is approved in advance by the appropriate departmental authority.
  2. An employee must notify the department of any unexpected absence by the time specified by the department.
  3. Employees are required to work overtime as assigned unless the employee has a reasonable excuse.
  4. Employees eligible for overtime shall not perform any work for the City outside their normally assigned working hours unless directed to do so by the proper authority.
  5. Full-time City employees are granted certain leaves with pay. With the exception of emergency sick leave, employees are required to obtain the prior approval of the supervisor. However, in cases of emergency sick leave, the employee must contact his/her supervisor as soon as practical.
  6. Sick leave may be granted to employees in accordance with the Sick Leave Policy. Employees shall not claim sick leave for any situations other than those covered by policy. Employees on sick leave or Workers' Compensation leave may not perform any other gainful work without the prior approval of the department head or designated representative. In Workers' Compensation cases, the prior approval of the Human Resources Department is also required All City employees are covered by the Family Medical Act. Use of sick leave under this Act will be structured so as to not conflict with City policy.
  7. Falsification of information in obtaining leave is a violation of the Standards of Conduct. Documentation of the need for any absence other than vacation or personal leave may be required by the employee's Department Head at any time.

Article XIII: Cause of Discipline

Violations of the Standards of Conduct which are considered willful or intentional, those which result from negligence or carelessness, and those which indicate a deliberate disregard of the City's interests, policies, or procedures are insubordination and may be subject to disciplinary action. Violations of policies and procedures or failure to meet standards that are related to the performance of duties other than conduct are subject to performance counseling.