Bonding & Jail

Posting Bond

The municipal court judge or magistrate has the authority to grant bail to anyone charged with a violation of any municipal ordinance violation. To grant bail simply means to release a person under arrest from custody upon posting sufficient bond or security. The purpose of requiring a bond for bail is to help ensure the appearance of the accused in court at the appointed time. The accused has an absolute right to bail in all municipal court cases.

Active Bonding Companies

Read the following for a listing of all bonding companies that are authorized to post bonds with the City of Northport:

  • A-Advance Bail Bond
  • ABS Best Bail Bonding Co.
  • Alabama Bail Bonds
  • All Out-Bail Bonds
  • B.A.M.N. Bail Bonding Agency
  • Bail Bonds Express
  • Green Bail Bonding, LLC

Jail & Visitation

To obtain booking or inmate information, please contact the Tuscaloosa County Jail at 205-349-4511.

Inmate visitation is controlled by the Tuscaloosa County Jail. Please contact them at 205-349-4511 for more information.