Fine & Cost Schedule

Please note that all fines and costs are subject to change without notice. Effective July 15, 2019; Revised 05/11/2023.

Driving on wrong side of road$30.00$162.00$192.00
Failure to dim lights$10.00$162.00$172.00
Failure to stop at railroad crossing$10.00$162.00$172.00
Failure to use child restraint$25.00$162.00$187.00
Failure to wear safety belt$25.00$16.00$41.00
Failure to yield right of way$20.00$162.00$182.00
Following too closely$20.00$162.00$182.00
Improper backing$20.00$162.00$182.00
Improper brakes$20.00$162.00$182.00
Improper lights$20.00$162.00$182.00
Improper muffler$10.00$162.00$172.00
Improper or no rearview mirror$20.00$162.00$182.00
Improper passing$20.00$162.00$182.00
Improper signal$10.00$162.00$172.00
Improper tag$25.00$162.00$187.00
Improper tires$20.00$162.00$182.00
Improper turn$20.00$162.00$182.00
Improper window tinting$20.00$162.00$182.00
No helmet (motorcycle rider)$10.00$162.00$172.00
No Insurance$100.00$162.00$262.00
No Insurance with an accident involved is court requiredTBDTBDTBD
Operating a motor vehicle without a driver’s license$75.00$162.00$237.00
Running red light$20.00$162.00$182.00
Running stop sign$20.00$162.00$182.00
Speeding: Less than 25 miles per hour (MPH) over posted speed limit$20.00$162.00$182.00
Speeding: 25 MPH or more over posted speed limit$40.00$162.00$202.00
Speeding in a construction zone: Less than 25 MPH over posted speed limit$40.00$162.00$202.00
Speeding in a construction zone: 25 MPH or more over posted speed limit$80.00$162.00$216.00
Stopping on highway$30.00$162.00$192.00
Violating driver’s license restrictions or Endorsement$60.00$162.00$222.00
Allowing child under the age of 16 to operate motor vehicle$50.00$162.00$212.00
Shifting or Spilling load$25.00$162.00$187.00
No red or orange flag or red light or amber strobe$20.00$162.00$182.00
Unattended motor vehicle$25.00$162.00$187.00
Driving upon sidewalk$20.00$162.00$182.00
Obstructing driver’s view$20.00$162.00$182.00
Following emergency vehicle$50.00$162.00$212.00
Crossing a fire hose$50.00$162.00$186.00
Littering highway$100.00$162.00$262.00
Improper use of clearly indicated divided highway$30.00$162.00$192.00
Failure to yield to emergency vehicle$50.00$162.00$212.00
Improper stopping or parking on or in highway (general)$30.00$162.00$192.00
Improper stopping, standing, or parking outside of business or residence$30.00$162.00$192.00
Improper stopping, standing, or parking in specified places$30.00$162.00$192.00
Blocking highway$30.00$162.00$192.00
Parking more than 18 inches from curb$30.00$162.00$192.00
Improper tag classification$25.00$162.00$187.00
Switched personalized license plates$100.00$162.00$262.00
Overweight /over height / overlength truck$100.00$162.00$262.00
No permit (oversized width, height, length)$100.00$162.00$262.00
Refusal to weigh$300.00$162.00$462.00
Casting a light from a public road (nuisance spotlighting)$100.00$162.00$262.00
Improper lane use or change$20.00$162.00$182.00
Logbook not current$30.00$162.00$192.00
Mobile home violation (time limit)$30.00$162.00$192.00
Off truck route$100.00$162.00$262.00
Cutting across private property to avoid an Intersection$20.00$162.00$182.00
Failure to heed sign$20.00$162.00$182.00
Driving on closed road$20.00$162.00$182.00

If your offense is not listed on this schedule, you must appear on your court date.  Fines and costs are subject to change.  Please call to confirm the correct amount.

Payments By Mail

Personal checks, Cashier's checks, and Money Orders are the only accepted payments by mail.  We do not accept out-of-state checks. Payments must be received at least 24 hours in advance of your court date.  Late payments will not be accepted.

Checks and money orders should be made payable to Northport Municipal Court and addressed to:
Northport Municipal Court
3721 26th Avenue
Northport, AL 35473

You can call 205-339-8132 or via fax at 205-333-0710.

Online Payments

Beginning November 21, 2022, Court payments can be made online at Northport Municipal Court Payments. It is mandatory that you appear in court if you have the following violations, these cannot be paid online:

  • 2 or More Moving Traffic Violations
  • Insurance Tickets with an Accident

We accept credit cards, local checks, money orders, and certified cashier's checks.  Two-party checks, starter checks, or out-of-state checks are not accepted.  Personal checks must include a phone number and driver's license number. 


An after-hours dropbox is available.  Our dropbox is located inside the Public Safety Building and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Please note that after-hours dropbox payments will be posted the next business day.

Past Due

These amounts are not applicable if we have mailed a notice, or if an arrest order has been issued.  You will need to contact our office to see if there is a settlement amount.