Business License

The City of Northport Revenue Department is responsible for managing business licensing for businesses located in or engaged in business in the city limits and police jurisdiction (3 miles outside Northport city limits). It is important to note that businesses located outside of Northport yet conducting business in Northport must purchase a business license.

Classification & Cost

A business license is classified based on the nature of your business. After the information is provided to our Revenue Clerk, it can be determined which type of license is required. The fees for each type of license vary, but gross receipts from the prior year are needed to calculate the fee. For the initial business license, you will need to estimate gross receipts from the time you open until December 31st. This estimated gross receipts amount will be corrected the year following the initial license year, which could result in a balance or credit to go toward that license.

Storefront Business or Home Business

Any business physically located within the city limits of Northport will be required to have the business location approved by various departments before a business license can be issued. If you are going to have a storefront located in the city limits of Northport, you first need to complete the Storefront Business Compliance Form. If you are going to operate a business out of your home that is located in the city limits of Northport, you first need to complete the Home Occupation Business Application. Once the necessary departments have approved, a business license can then be issued by completing the Business License Application. All forms are available on our Forms page.

Expiration & Renewal

City of Northport business licenses are for a calendar year and therefore expire on December 31st. Licenses are renewable from January 1st through February 15th. A 15% penalty will be assessed beginning February 16th and continuing until March 15th. A 30% penalty will be assessed after March 15th. Delinquent accounts shall also be charged simple interest at the rate set by Alabama Code Section 40-1-44.

For Fees and License Ordinances please see Northport, Alabama, Code of Ordinances, Part II - Code of Ordinances,  Chapter 66 - Taxation, Article VI - Business/Privilege License Taxes,  Division 3 - Rules and Regulations.

Outside the city limits but within the police jurisdiction the license is ½ the license fee.

For questions or help with a business license, contact the Revenue Department at 205-339-7000, ext. 218, or via email.